What is Evangelization?


Jesus Christ first commissioned His disciples to proclaim the Gospel and evangelize the world with the Good News of salvation. He is again today calling us to share His Good News! Pope John Paul II declares to us:

“The Hour Has Come for a Re-Evangelization!” He continues: “The present-day phenomenon of secularism is truly serious, not simply as regards the individual, but in some ways, as regards whole communities, as the council (Vatican II) has already indicated: .Growing numbers of people are abandoning religion in practice.’ At other times I myself have recalled the phenomenon of de-Christianization that strikes longstanding Christian people and which continually calls for a re-evangelization (CL 4)…. the lay faithful is asked to have a missionary zeal which will increase their effectiveness as participants in a re-evangelization (CL 30)… This re-evangelization is directed not only to individual persons but also to entire portions of populations in the variety of their situations, surroundings and cultures. Its purpose is the formation of mature ecclesial communities, in which the faith might radiate and fulfill the basic meaning of adherence to the Person of Christ and His Gospel, of an encounter and sacramental communion with Him, and of an existence lived in charity and in service. In a specific way this is the missionary work that Jesus entrusted and again entrusts each day to His Church.” (CL 34-35)

Jesus is entrusting this work of love to all of us!

To meet our duty and God’s call, the Eastern Catholic Reevangelization Center (ECRC) was established to help spread God’s word of Love. Please visit ECRC online for more information on how you can get involved!


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