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St. Thomas has partnered with Google to setup a new data management system for all St. Thomas information, communication and data reliability. Our integration with Google allows us to manage our data and communication for our volunteers and supporters through a centralized platform, creating a giant web of information. Through a system called Google Apps, we have created a system which allows us to give our volunteers a direct line of communication and contacts through a manageable platform.

Basically, volunteers will now be provided with a Saint Thomas email ([email protected]) which can be used for internal communication (Gmail), file sharing (Drive), and for information systems (Contacts & Groups). Your St. Thomas volunteer email only works as an internal email system, meaning you may only send and receive emails from v.stccc.org or stccc.org accounts.



Google Apps provides different applications including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and much more! To login to your Google Apps account, click on the icon on the right.